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Farm Girl To Businesswoman

Growing up on a working farm definitely help me understand hard work and its fruitfulness.

My Summer spent helping my parents and working around swines, chicken and horses. There were never a dull moment.

My parents commonly referred the farm as the inheritance or their hobby.

They made their bread and butter from their true business, a plastic-molding factory they started in 1995.

I graduated in Hungary from Kaposvar University as a double major Marketing and Advertising Management and Agricultural Engeneering in 2002.

After hopless wait of the declining (now newly EU country‘s) agriculture I decided to flee from the political turmoil for little hope to make it as a brand new engeneer over seas, in the US.

Well I didn’t.

I started on the bottom in a big name hotel as a cleaner. They like to call it as a Work-Exchange-Student.

Experience, experience, experience... yeah, not what I was praying about. I wanted to make a difference but I had no business experience.

Fast forward I started a cleaning company in 2008, focusing only on commercial cleaning.

Today my sales are skyrocketing!

We work in 6 different states and feel like we work part-time.

I would love to share what I know so you can get here too.

I will show you how!

After 11 years of doing this I decided that I’ll help anyone who, just like me, wants to become a successful business owner but, locking the experience. And quite frankly I am hoping to learn new things as well.




1. The beginning #Paperwork

2. You have a business now what #WTHIamDoing

3. Accounting, bookkeeping and taxes #theCollegeStuffWeHate

4. Time management #timemanagementLOLjoke

7. Making Money #WWJD

8. Goals #WriteItDow

10. Be a Lifelong Learner #AKAtips

STAY TUNED ... will continued

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